Join us to provide jobs to 50 parents in need this holiday season.

With our matching gift of up to $25,000, your contribution has double the impact!

Supply Hope creates opportunities for parents living in poverty to earn a reliable income through our nutritious food micro-franchise. Parents who were previously earning less than $2 a day receive training, support, and access to benefits [counseling, budgeting support, professional development, and savings program]. Last year they earned an average of $8.35 a day through Supply Hope stores. In addition to our at-home stores, we are introducing a mobile version of our store, Fresco Express, which will help us provide work to even more parents in need.

Help hardworking moms like Silvia 

Silvia lives in the house she grew up in, with 21 other people. But now she is fighting for a better life for her five children. Her daughter, Estefani, has a severe growth problem and learning deficiency. That doesn't stop her from being an energetic, playful girl who dreams of being a veterinarian. But on less than $2 a day, Silvia was not able to afford her daughter's medicine or even the travel fare to the hospital. 

Now, things are different. 

Through her hard work with Supply Hope, Silvia is able to afford treatment for Estefani. She can send her children to school and with her new savings account, Silvia is putting money aside to improve their home, and eventually buy her own land. When the national crisis threatened her husband's job, Silvia's was secure.

As a girl Silvia dreamed of studying accounting and now she is developing her business skills through our training program. She is a natural leader; charismatic and creative. Now she is managing other family members, like her sister Alba, who helps with publicity. 

Watching her work with Supply Hope has changed my hopes for my life. A lot. Now I think I could be a leader too. 

         - Alba Cano, sister of Supply Hope store owner

Silvia isn't just changing her own circumstances. She is bringing awareness to the community and she enjoys teaching her neighbors the importance of health. Customers come for her fresh food- cheese, chicken, nacatamales and fresh juices- that they can't get anywhere else. 

Most importantly, Silvia says being a business owner through Supply Hope has changed how she feels about herself. She loves that she is being challenged and growing. She feels independent. She believes her children are going to achieve their goals too. 

Give the gift of hope

What better gift could you give this holiday season than a contribution toward creating a path out of poverty for a family? Nicaragua has suffered tremendously this year through an enormous national crisis that has left 350,000 people newly unemployed and 1.3 million more people on the brink of poverty. They are already the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the world. We had 650 inquiries when we announced Fresco Express. We have been busy interviewing candidates and they are ready to seize this opportunity. Together, we can make it a reality.

Thank you!


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